I am fighting against your magical spell

I am under a spell. A spell that makes me fall deeper in love with you each and everyday. I can't resist the magic of your smell and how your eyes twinkle in the darkest night.
I want to get out of this cage, this cage where I am locked up in the hope of being with you someday. I want to run away from you but whenever I try to, I keep on coming back.
I don't want to lose our friendship but this is me, taking a risk. A risk where I am not sure of the ending, maybe you'll end up with me or maybe I'll get hurt. But that doesn't stopped me. I don't know what you did to me but this is me, deeply, madly in love with you.
They say some things are worth fighting for, and you are one of those things. I want to keep on fighting for you and for an us even though I know the consequences of this.
I might lose you forever
Your magic is your personality, you make me fall in love with you even without doing anything, even without saying a word, you make me fall for you in the most epic way.
You make me happy effortlessly and I don't have to pretend that I am because every time I'm with you, there's no reason to be lonely. You are my strength, you make me stronger, you make me braver, but aside that, you're also my kryptonite that makes me fall down to my knees, you're my weakness, the only one I can't resist.
I am willing to do anything for your comfort, I don't care how many times I fall, or how many times I get hurt, all I care about is you and only you. It doesn't matter if I'm struggling because for you, I am willing to sacrifice everything.
My day isn't complete without laughing with you, without walking with you, and without looking at you, you are my whole system, my drug that I can't live without, my life is incomplete without you.
I am under a spell and falling in love with you is the most magical, the most enchanted and the biggest surprise of my entire life.
You, you are the greatest gift that has ever given to me and I love you.
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