“To stop or not”

I am stuck between stopping or moving. I don’t know if I can still hold on, I don’t know how can I manage to see you with someone else, to see myself crying in front of a mirror, again, because of you. You’re my greatest love, and you’re my biggest downfall. When I realized that I am falling out of love with my past, That’s the day when I realized that yes, I am already falling in love with you. I loved the feeling of being in love again, I loved the feeling of being with you, for the first time, I was truly happy. Now everything turned around, you, my happiness, now the major source of my loneliness. I want to get out of this melancholy, I want to be happy, happy for you, and I just can’t. I don’t want to be selfish but I don’t want to be selfless, too. I’m in love with you no matter the consequences, I am in love with you, no matter how hurt I am right now. I’m so much in love with you to the point that I am willing to lose myself just to find you, just to end up with you, to be with you cause you’re my greatest love, now what am I supposed to do? To stop or not?

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