Laptop and iPhone showing homepage of the new Facebook Design site.
Laptop and iPhone showing homepage of the new Facebook Design site.

Over the past year, we at Facebook Design have been reflecting on how we communicate. What we saw suggested that we needed to revamp the Facebook Design website to better serve you, the design community, as one of our goals is to generously contribute to the field of design. This often means sharing insights, best practices, and tools. In the case of this article, we’re sharing the discovery process that led to some of the executional decisions we made for the new Facebook Design website, which launched yesterday.

A discovery presentation is usually long as far as decks go; they pack months of research on business objectives, technical issues, audience insights, and current and competitive content. We’ll spare you all that and surface a handful of findings that most surprised us and how they inspired a few executions in visual design, UX and messaging. …

Facebook Design in conversation with co-authors Fuchsia MacAree and Scott Boms on their book and the importance of listening

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Facebook’s Analog Research Lab is a creative studio for design and art-making operated by a team whose projects explore and express ideas, values, and new perspectives in tangible, physical forms through the lens of the company’s cultural zeitgeist. These projects and the dedicated Analog Research Lab studio spaces dotted across Facebook’s global campuses are built on passion and hard work as a reflection of Facebook’s creative spirit.

Scott Boms is a designer, printmaker and the Design Lead of Facebook’s Analog Research Lab based in Menlo Park, California. In 2017, Scott partnered with Dublin-based illustrator Fuchsia MacAree, an alumna of the Analog Research Lab’s Designer in Residence program, on a special project about listening. Fuchsia is known for her direct, expressive, and genuinely empathetic illustrations, carefully chosen color palettes, and an intrinsic curiosity about the world.

That project ultimately made its way into the world as a book called Being Hear. Created in response to observed behaviors and questions about the effects of technology, it charts a multi-sensory exploration of what it means to be present and our ability to listen to each other and the world in modern times. …


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