Considering having a facelift?

Do you think about getting a facelift in Singapore?

There are several things you should know about this kind of surgery before going under the knife. Almost everyone who is 40 years old and older has concerns about their look. As we age, our skin is changing. There are different processes which are going on under the top skin layer and all of them are causing aging. The most popular statement is that our cells lose water and elasticity so our skin becomes more and more dry and loose. People who usually have experienced aging have low self-esteem and they look much older than they are. There are a lot of cases where a bad look obstructs career and relationships which are the main reason people to look for help.

Facelift surgery is not a surgery which will reverse the whole aging process.

It hasn`t been invented method which could do that. It is really important the patient have real expectations. Having a facelift in Singapore will remove sagging skin and smooth deep wrinkles, though — you could find additional information at Facial skin needs tightening and lifting from time to time and facelift is one permanent solution. The patient is going to look younger and less tired.

People struggle with aging using different methods. Some of them feel comfortable hiding different parts with their skin with clothes and scarfs. Another method is using so much make up that women`s face acquires additional layer, unfortunately, this method works only temporary and couldn`t hide deep folds. Using cosmetic products is something that women try, but most of the products are too expensive and have a temporary effect. Cosmetic surgery is not a cheap solution, too but comparing to the prices of high-quality creams it is more profitable.

Facelift consultation in Singapore

Have in mind when you made an appointment for a consultation that you should bring all your medical history. This is important because facelift is a surgery. Consultation is all about talking so make sure you point all your concerns and expectations and the surgeon will explain to you everything you couldn`t understand. Don`t forget to ask about the potential risks and side effects. Have in mind that not every cosmetic surgeon has a lot of experience with facelifts. You could ask them to show you photos of their previous patients and their surgeries. If they don`t have photos or don`t want to show you — run as far as possible! SingaporeBeautySecrets recommends choosing a surgeon for your facelift in Singapore carefully. Men patients should ask their surgeon if he has a previous experience with male faces because they have a different structure.

Another topic you should cover with your specialist is the cost. Most health insurance doesn`t cover cosmetic procedures so you should be prepared to pay the whole price. Don`t forget to ask for the cost if there are some complications and follow-up procedures. Some insurance has additional article for people who have done a facelift. It is a good idea to check this before the surgery.


If you choose a professional surgeon your surgery should be successful. The result will last several years — 5 to 10 but you will look always 10 years younger so it is permanent. There are some things every woman should change after a facelift. First face skin should be treated with quality cosmetic products. Second, every woman should find her ideal weight and preserve it because the Jo-jo effect reduces skin elasticity. Although the facelift surgery has some risks if it is provided by the professional surgeon it remains an excellent way of “turning back the clock”.

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