Healing your bodies

You can heal your bodies. Yes, you have bodies. In my view point, there are 3 bodies-physical body, energy body and mind body. (There might be different classifications.) Those are connected. And you can heal your bodies by yourself.

With simple methods, you can heal yourself. Breathing is alpha and omega. With breathing, you can control your bodies. When you breath hard and shortly, you will feel pressed. When you breath deeply and smooth, you will feel released. It is quite simple. According to your breathing, your physical body releases hormones and neurotransmitters to induce certain mental state.

Breathing meditation is about to watch your breathing. That is basic of Mindfulness. You can watch yourself. You can observe your thoughts, emotions and body.

It is also to control your breathing. Yoga has several method to control breathing. But I prefer Korean traditional way ‘Sun-Do’ or ‘Dan’. It is to breath deeply into ‘Dan-Jeon’ which is a certain place below your belly. It is similar to Sacral Chakra. When your breathing reaches to Dan-Jeon, you can feel and control your energy body. It sounds weird. But I can. Because I can, you can.

You might have heard about acupuncture meridians or chakra system. You may think they are just concepts. Fortunately, people have researched about Primo Vascular System(PVS) which is regarded as the anatomical structure of the meridians. You can find scientific articles. Just google it.

It is not easy to breath deeply if your body is hardened, especially fascia. Fascia is sheath to cover muscles and structure to support tensegrity of physical body. Fascia also contains rich PVS. Fascia is very important to connect physical body and energy body. You can soften your fascia with Asana of Yoga, massage or other methods. You can use foam roller, lacrosse ball or bowling ball by yourself.

Your physical body and emotion are connected with hormones. Serotonin is a good example. Serotonin makes you happy and peaceful. 95% of Serotonin is released in intestines. You should keep your organs` peace for your peace. I recommend Juice Cleanse to cleanse your organs. Or, you can get help from functional medicine. I got help from other doctor who studied functional medicine.

You can try to feel and move your energy body with Taichi or Qi-gong. You can use your energy to heal yourself.

Visualization is very powerful tool to use mind power. Visualization doesn`t mean only visual imagination but contains also auditory, olfactory and other sensory imagination. If you use aroma essential oil and proper music/frequency, they will reinforce your visualization.

Some people access to spirituality and they use spiritual energy to heal. Channeling is a typical method. There are some communities for spiritual healing like Bruno Groening circle of friends.

I recite roughly. I am pretty sure that all healing methods and medicines will be integrated. Future is coming.