New anatomical structure, New approach to your body

My father has studied modern medicine(western medicine). He doesn`t believe oriental traditional medicine including meridian system(经络)or acupuncture. My mother has believed in many methods which are not evidence-based. She tried hand acupuncture herself and let me have oriental medicine a lot. They still have different views about human body.

So far, modern medicine and the other medicine look quite disjoined. But in this era, I can see many waves toward integration. Now, I am a medical doctor and a meditator. I know scientific medical doctors and spiritual healers. Actually, both of them work. Result doesn`t matter. Evidence matters.

You may have heard about CST(CranioSacral Therapy). This is to regulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid with light touches. Practitioners believe that CST can treat many discomfort and diseases. In my opinion, it works but it is not supported by scientific evidence.

Recently, Myofascial Therapy is getting popular. There are many methods — Rolfing, Fascia Blaster, Functional Range Release, etc. Fascia is sheath which wraps most structures within the human body, including muscle. Do you use a foam roller? It is to treat your fascia. In the concept of fascia, all of muscles are connected through the flow of fascia. I am sure that Myofacial therapy works. I know many doctors to treat their patients with it and they make good results.

Acupunture is significant treatment method of traditional oriental medicine. It is based on the concept of acupoints on the meridian system. Modern doctors denied the concept of acupoints because there was no obsevable structure. Effect of acupuncture has been explained with only mechanical stimulus.

Skeptic doctors think they are quackery. But there are people to have experienced healed with those methods. Are they quackery or undiscovered secret? Which side are you on? Before making a decision, please read more.

Recently, many scientific papers have reported the discovery of an anatomical structure which is called ‘Primo Vascular System’(PVS) with different anatomical and physiological evidence.

The PVS has vessels and nodes. The vessels consist of several subvessels. The Primo subvessels and Primo nodes(PN) carry a liquid. The primo liquid contains different proteins, stem-like cells, or microcells , and hormones.

The PVS has been detected in blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. The Primo vessels(PVs) and PNs flow in the third ventricle, fourth ventricle, cerebral aqueduct, and along the central canal of the spinal cord. The PVS has also been found on the central nervous system. The PVs and PNs are present on the surfaces of the liver, stomach, small and large intestines, bladder, spleen, kidneys and omentum, abdominal cavity, hypodermal layer of the skin, superficial fascia, fat tissue, and cancer fascia . The PVs also enter internal organ tissues.

At this stage, a new anatomical structure has been founded. Its pathway may looks similar to meridian system, coincidentally. But the above 3 treatment methods can be explained with PVS. Central Nervous System has a lot of PVS and CSF contains primo liquid. Fascia also contains a lot of PVS and the flow of fascia is similar to the flow of PVS. Acupoints and meridian system are in agreement with Primo Nodes and Primo Vessels.

I think it is beginning to discover and to integrate fragmented methods and viewpoints about human body.