Dear America: Please Get Your Head Out of Your Ass About Bernie Sanders
Emil Mella

Although I could care less, I do know I have seen reports about the right wing press excluding Rand Paul from coverage and polling. Also, MLK wasn’t just accused of being a socialist, he was openly associating with communists. Ya know, the kind of folks who think you can sit around and paint pictures, and smoke pot without ever working. Libertarians often get asked “who will build the roads?” To socialists and communists I ask, “who will clean the toilets?”

Fairness is an illusion. Some men are taller. Some women are more fertile. The idea of “fairness” is destroying the idea of truth. People shame speech they disagree with while supporting anti-bullying campaigns. Our Peace Prize president started multiple wars. When are people going to see that further steps to the left OR RIGHT will not fix what is broken. We need a reset. Voluntarism is the only “fair” system.

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