Charity Watch and Clinton Foundation
Amy Sterling Casil

Charity Navigator was always the gold standard as far as I knew. They don’t even bother to rate The Clinton Foundation as far as I knew. All I know is if you love criminality, war, and scandal, another Clinton presidency will be right up your alley. She can’t even shake the corrupt things she did as Secretary of State. We are so screwed.

Also, if you look into Norman Dodd’s report to the Reece Committee, you’ll see doing all kinds of nefarious stuff under the guise of a charitable foundation is over a century in the making (at least). Then, they were plotting how to hijack the US and European education systems, the historical societies, and how to get the US into world wars. Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, and yes, The Clintons, are not being charitable and they are not our friend.

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