Can You Do Face Time With Android? Well, No!

Face time is a hugely popular app that allows the user to have one on one video calls and works in the similar form of Google hangouts and Skype. This facility allows a person to talk to a user who has an Apple account and an Apple user ID. This app is an in house app for the people that use Apple products and thus only they can use it with their authentic user ID. The person requires a wifi connection and of course an Apple ID and otherwise they cannot use the facility and they need to limit them with the popular free apps from Google.

Strict features of Apple

Apple’s features are very conservative and generally they do not allow android and other modes to get through their security system and send and receive files. Hacking Apple products is thus very tough as the security features are very high in these devices. You cannot download anything on your choice and have to depend on the options given by Apple. The user is restricted to download a handful of products and not a single piece of software and app from the entire internet. Yes, that’s the biggest problem with Apple products.

This software is an in house one

Apple iPhones, iPod’s and MACs have strict security features and thus it is absolutely impossible for you to break the strong security features and if you disable the security systems to download anything from internet, you will lose the warranty policies and thus it is something you should not go for. So Facetime with android is something you will never get. You cannot Facetime with a person who doesn’t have an Apple product. You can go for video calling facility on your iPhone with the android users, but for that you need to go for a different type of video calling software. So you need to look for the available options through which you can do video calling.

Go for a popular and free app

Though you cannot use Facetime on your android phone, the good news is that, lots of free apps are there and some of the apps are prepared for the physically disabled people as well. You need to go on internet and go through the review pages. They will redirect you to the pages where you can find the details of the app and how to use it. You need to know the compatibility of the product with your device and then you need to install it in your device and follow the instructions to get the best out of the app.

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