If you have an objective for digital marketing to reach as much of the audience as possible you’ll need to syndicate your content across multiple platforms! Sharing your awesome blog post across a variety of channels will increase your odds of reaching your specific demographic and make the most out of your money or time. The best part is— it’s totally free!.

BTW, republishing and syndicating content through multiple platforms rarely result in a penalty by Google.

Heres a step by step approach:

  1. The best practice is to publish your article and curate your post later to the larger media…

Approximately 25% of the time, your audience will leave if your website glitches or crashes and 20% of the time its because of a page loaded too slow.

This is a commonly overlooked issue that needs to be fixed.

GT Metrix is a must tool to have in your back pocket! Simply type your sites URL into the input and click start, it will ping your site from various locations around the world and display the results as to why it’s loading so slow:

Quick Troubleshoot:

Common reason — your images arent compressed, to compress your images use a look…

There are 3 easy photography steps for beginners you can take to definitely improve your photography and start you on your approach to begin taking beautiful shots. Many believe you need expensive camera gear, don’t worry, you don’t.

Know your subject

Commonly, individuals snap a photo and don’t focus on what’s happening in the image. Is it a landscape with your friend in the foreground so you can remember that particular vacation spot or is it the landscape and your friend just happens to be standing in that spot. …

A PNG image file type is utilized by many individuals since it uses a lossless compression algorithm and is a popular filetype for the web. Far better, PNG images can also be semi-transparent.

Unfortunately, due to the adaptability that additionally implies that PNG files wind up being very enormous. This isn’t acceptable on the off chance that you are using them on a website since speed is of the essence for great underlying SEO practice.

Here’s a method to make the pictures littler in size without yielding quality:

An application I’ve relied on for a long time is TinyPNG it…

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I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world’s BEST internet marketer. I’m highly creative yet technical. Digital Marketing Consultant Toronto.

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