Hi James — thank you!
Matt Netkow

Not quite but funnily enough the first link is twitter and the second Airbnb. Ie developers from those companies. Both are market leaders for this sorta package and the unofficial recommended solution.

But really at the end of the day it’s just a case of taking a div and making a custom component called View, wrapping the div and adding whatever else is necessary. Perhaps the main difference from frameworks with first class support for this is that things like getting styles correct is completely up to you in userland.

From a React developer’s perspective reuse between native and web is simple, but not necessarily “easy” to perfect for your family of apps.

Depending on your effort you can either struggle to get as good reuse compared to other solutions or far surpass them. The difference is it’s up to you, whereas some of the others are built in a way where only internally what the framework designers achieved is opened up to you.