Make binoculars a good aide in football season

Get closer to the football sports this Autumn with compact binoculars.

Watch the birds or the leaves all you want, but many people guide their long distance focus every Autumn toward humans in nylon-spandex uniforms. It’s football season!

No matter you’re watching the high school teams or filing into Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Ind., binoculars will bring you closer to the sports. Notre Dame has its priorities straight: Selfie sticks are banned on game day, but feel free to pack your best binoculars

But which ones? As binoculars don’t have circuit cards and don’t need battery power, their technical specifications can overpower the beginner. Here are several things need to know:

The ‘X’ factor: Binoculars are identified by two numbers, separated by an “X.” The first number represents the magnification times. The second indicates the diameter of the objective lens, in millimeters.

A pair of 7X50 binoculars, then, will make objects appear 7 times closer (the magnification times) and the lens measures 50 millimeters, or slightly less than two inches. Higher magnification produces larger, but dimmer, images with a narrower field of view(FOV). A larger objective lens allows more light but also increase heavy weight to the binoculars.

Field of view(FOV): The distance from left to right of view, visible through binoculars measured either in feet numbers at one thousand yards or angular degrees. A good pair of binoculars has a field of view between 300 and 375 feet at 1,000 yards, or between 6 degrees and 7.5 degrees.

For sports gmaes or concerts show, compact binoculars with a lower magnification like 7x or 8x work better because of their wider field of view. You want to see more on the football games. As a guide, 10x binoculars make a football 100 yards away look as if it’s 10 yards away and it is easy to handle steady.

Eye relief: It means the distance from the eyepiece that allows the eye to see a full, in-focus image. If you wear glasses, your eyes could be beyond the normal range of 5 millimeters to 20 millimeters. Eyeglass wearers should buy binoculars with an eye relief over 14 millimeters, or binoculars with designed rubber eyecups.

When you want to purchase best binoculars for sale, make sure you’re comfortable with the size and weight. Waterproof models aren’t necessary for sporting events, even on a rainy days. Make sure they’re at least water-resistant. Also check the manufacturer’s warranty — in the binocular business, a lifetime warranty isn’t unusual.