Identity Theft — Reasons for Business Hacks

Do you know over 553 Million business Identities were breached in 2013, with 1 out of 392 emails containing a phishing attacks?

Did you ever consider protecting your business traffic from unauthorized access – the easiest way for hackers to attack?

Business VPN from PureVPN

Just so you know, Ebay, Sony, Gmail App, Yahoo, Skype, Evernote, Domino, iCloud are the major victims of the security breach this year. With today’s data moving freely between corporate networks, mobile devices, and the cloud, Data breaches are among the most common and costly security failures in organizations of any size.

As per our research, the biggest and the easiest way to attack any business is through ‘Insider Misuse’, which is when an employee from local or international branch access the company’s server/network through insecure mediums such as free WiFi hotspots.

Keeping this major security challenge of businesses in consideration, PureVPN, the leading VPN brand in the industry, offers a simple yet powerful solution:

Securely transfers business files with 256-bit data encryption

Safely use devices on-the-go across all free Wi-Fi locations, worldwide

Conduct totally private online banking and shopping transactions

Travel to any country and bypass their internet blockages

Enjoy 24/7 dedicated customer support for prompt issue resolution

Would you like to give your business the ‘PureVPN Edge’? and wanted to be protected from an average attacks of 16,856 times a year than get the PureVPN fully-featured “Trial Account” to see the difference.

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