Factom Protocol launches WFCT — a community led, 100% backed and verifiable FCT token, issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Wrapped FCT (WFCT) is backed 1:1 with a native FCT token on the Factom blockchain — the number of issued WFCT tokens is equal to the number of native FCT tokens locked in custody.

Use Cases

WFCT brings Factom token into Ethereum ecosystem — with WFCT, Factom tokenholders can:

– Access a range of DeFi products and yield farming platforms with FCT

– Swap FCT into thousands of tokens on DEXs

– Use MetaMask and dozens of wallets (including mobile and hardware wallets)…

The Factom Protocol has been one of the largest users of Bitcoin and Ethereum over the years. Core Developer Who wrote up a post explaining why.

The Factom Protocol is a Proof of Authority blockchain, operated by nearly two dozen entities across the globe. Immutability is ensured by the unlikeliness of over a dozen independent companies to agree on a malicious attack, combined with the unlikeliness of such cooperation staying secret.

However, the Factom Protocol goes one step beyond that by anchoring the latest block hashes into both the Bitcoin chain and the Ethereum chain, thus transferring the immutability and…

Hot off the press, a new exchange pairing.

Liquid, a Japanese-regulated and soon-to-be Singapore-regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform operated by fintech company QUOINE, has enabled Factom (FCT) trading, deposits and withdrawals!

You can now trade Factom (FCT) on Liquid via web or its mobile app, Liquid Pro.

FCT/BTC trading pair:


iOS and Android applications:



About Liquid:

According to Nomics, Liquid is a cryptoasset exchange located in Japan. They have 416 markets, with the most popular markets (trading pairs) being BTC/JPY, BTC/USD, and ETH/JPY. The exchange is rated “A” which means “Transparent”. …

Last week we ran an AMA for our valued community. Twenty no-holds-barred questions received 92 answers. What questions were raised, what answers were given, and where is Factom headed?

Who are we?

The Factom protocol is governed by a coalition of 27 companies, “Authority Node Operators” (ANOs), who make blockchain work in the real-world by enabling dApps and platforms to become scalable businesses with low fixed costs.

The Topics

  • FCT price, tokenomics, and the effects on the community.
  • Usage forecasts, competition with other blockchains, and sector focuses.
  • Opportunities to improve governance.
  • ANOs’ revenue sources, the possible consequences of Factom Inc. leaving the protocol, and decentralization.

Factom’s 2nd layer fixed transaction fees and rendered block sizes obsolete; you just didn’t hear about it.

History in the Making

The Factom Protocol is one of the oldest blockchain projects having established itself back in 2014, and successfully launching a public decentralised mainnet in May 2018.

Factom led the way in key technology's such as SegWit, effectively running multiple merkle trees concurrently. That allows almost unlimited data each block to be filtered down into a single hash that’s anchored with the security of both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Simply, Factom has its own ‘lightning network’ embedded into it’s very heart while others are still…

The Factom Protocol secures thousands of data entries a day, on a robust enterprise-grade blockchain.

But it hasn’t always been so easy.

Core Journey

The Factom Protocol launched it’s mainnet almost two years ago. Since then, it’s had a focussed effort to bring both stability and scale.

Many protocols are quick to talk of high transactions per second (TPS); the Factom Protocol was no different with ‘sharding’ being touted as the key to near infinte TPS.

However, the difference between a central testnet with simulated loads and a live public decentralised mainnet cannot be understated.

After launch in 2018, the Factom Protocol…

Factom Protocol

Oracle to the World’s data. Building 2nd layer apps and platforms, tokens and digital ID. Home of PegNet and FAT.

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