How to increase your sales with mobile app
Jul 24 · 7 min read

If you are an ecommerce or have an ecommerce presence, consider building a mobile application for your business. More and more customers are shopping online, via smartphone. Therefore, building a mobile app can be the right move for you! On the other hand, if you already have an ecommerce mobile app, read this article to find out how to boost your sales with a few easy alterations.

As a web and mobile development agency, we are not a big fan of hybrid mobile applications. Many clients come to us for help concerning the difficulties they encountered with hybrid apps. For example, our client, had problems with an unstable and slow hybrid app. Once we developed an Android and iOS application, downloads of their mobile app increased by 7% compared to the hybrid version, as well as 11% increase on iOS devices.

So, if you already have an app or are just set on the journey of building one, we highly recommend building a native mobile application! It will save you money and time and guarantee better performance.

Now let’s check out the features and tricks that will help you boost your sales through the(native) ecommerce mobile app.

Push notifications are your ally

By using push notifications you are staying in touch with your customers and reminding them to shop. Customers often install an app that later forget to use or don’t use frequently enough. Push notifications are a great way to send information to customers and remained them of your app.

You can use push notification for a variety of different purposes. For example, you can inform customers of a new feature in your app. Or you can send them information about current discounts or bestsellers. Also, you can distribute coupons.

Another great thing to do is to personalize content sent through push notifications, depending on users habits. You can do this by creating Events by which you will know user behavior and habits. By knowing your customers and their habits, you can easily Return mobile e-commerce visitors.

One of our biggest clients, Kuwait fashion shop — Thouqi, used pushed notifications to decrease the number of users that turned off push notifications. We solved the problem by telling customers how much money they will save with promo codes or discounts.

Furthermore, we developed a special widget on the home screen that showed up every couple of weeks if the notifications were disabled. Also, we added the Turn on notifications button right after the widget so customers can quickly do the task.

Think of a different ways push notifications can work out for your ecommerce and definitely implement it. But be careful not to be too spammy!

Enable multiple payments to your customers

From the time customer puts a product into the cart, to the successful order, there should be as little steps as possible. To decrease your shopping cart abandonment enable multiple payments to your customers. In this way, customers will choose the best option for them and quickly finish the order.

You can provide options to pay by credit card, payment by cash or even payment with crypto value. There are many new currencies these days and it is important to know your customers and their habits, so you can provide payment options they actually use.

According to Baymard Institute, if your ecommerce app has multiple payment options, it can reduce cart abandonment by 8%.

While building a webshop for the biggest Kuwait webshop, Taw9eel, we provided payment options like Knet, Visa and Mastercard. Also on delivery payment by cash, and also Knet, Visa or Mastercard.

Reward your loyal customers

Your loyal customers deserve to be rewarded for their frequent purchases. Users want to feel special and be treated well. If you neglect your loyal customers they will gradually stop shopping that often.

To prevent customer lost, you can offer a reward points system. By shopping in your ecommerce app, customers will collect points. A certain amount of points will be rewarded or it can be traded for discounts. Also, you can reward loyal customers with coupons, promotional information about the products or offers.

Our client Sheeel uses in-app coupons for different services that are time-limited to purchase and rewards engaged customers in this way.

Attract and inform customers with a newsletter

By sending frequent newsletters to users of your mobile app, you are creating good communication and informing your customers about new products and/or features.

Things to keep in mind when implementing newsletter strategy:

  • Send a newsletter regularly but not too often — you want to avoid coming off as aggressive, but also stay continuous.
  • Newsletter should be long enough — this means you should not send too short or too long newsletters. Decide on the amount of information you want to communicate with the customers
  • Be constant in your visual presentation — by sending visually identical newsletters you are creating visual recognition. Users will know and open your newsletters because they recognize them and have a habit of reading them.

Furthermore, you can use newsletters to inform customers about current offers, bestsellers, new app features or discounts.

Take maximum advantage of your mobile app

Ecommerce app is not just one version of your webshop. It is a representation of your business and you can use it in many different ways except shopping.

You can:

  • Build a brand
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Develop communication and collaboration with customers through your app

1. Build a brand with your mobile app

By building an attractive and interactive app that is going to reflect your brand, you are painting a picture of your company. It is important to stick to your brand's colors, fonts, and general look to enable easy recognition.

Also, the application should run smoothly, be informative, easy to use and above all functional. “Less is more” rule applies to mobile apps more than any. So make sure you run a good UX/UX analysis and constantly improve your mobile app for better customer experience.

By having a functional ecommerce mobile app that reflects your brand you will see an increase in your app installments as well as sales.

2. Stay one step ahead of the competition

Study your competition. Many companies still don’t have ecommerce mobile application and this is a perfect way for you to gain the advantage. Furthermore, research has shown that users prefer shopping through mobile apps. Our friends from have discovered just why customers prefer to shop via a mobile app:

On the other hand, if your competition has an ecommerce mobile app, you can increase your sales by benchmarking and providing a better app.

Also, there are new trends in ecommerce mobile application development, you can use. First of them is Augmented reality. Many predict that AR is going to blow up in the next couple of years and retail is just one of the sectors that can benefit from it. Some companies, like IKEA, are already using it.

Also, Artificial intelligence is a rising trend that has a special place in the ecommerce world. It is beneficial because it allows customer segmentation and identification of patterns based on customer history. Thus, with the help of an AI, your webshop can work on the automation and store personalization for each customer. This will enable customization for every user and result in increased sales.

We already addressed the importance of a quick checkout process but a new trend is- one-click purchasing. By allowing your customers to instantly checkout you are skipping the cart section and going straight to payment. With one-click-purchasing, you are giving freedom to customers and lowering your shopping cart abandonment percentage.

For the rest of the ecommerce trends, check our checklist for ecommerce trends in 2019

3. Use your mobile app for communication and collaboration with customers

You are communicating with your customers on a daily basis with your mobile app, by providing information about the products, pricing, delivery and so on. If customer can’t find the needed information, they will leave. So, you should communicate with your customers and provide the necessary information to avoid a decrease in sales.

Also, when providing a detailed description of your product, you should try to include more information. Often, if the customers can’t find product specifications or features they will think the product doesn’t have them and leave.

Furthermore, you can include quick questionnaires or encourage customers to leave comments in your app. In this way, you will find out about their needs and wishes and can work on better user experience through a mobile app.

Still not sure how you can increase your sales

To sum it up, you can boost your ecommerce mobile app sales by implementing one, or more of the things listed:

  • Using push notifications
  • Sending newsletters
  • Enabling multiple payments
  • Rewarding loyal customers
  • Building the brand through your mobile app
  • Checking out the competition and current trends
  • Communicating with customers and providing necessary information

We recommend choosing a strategy depending on your business, goals, and customers.

If you know a new way of boosting sales, let us know on

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