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Factory LEDs is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures in North America. Innovative technologies are successfully implemented on the basis of the company through participation in economic modernization. The result of the structure is effectively well-established mass production of reliable and high-power LED lights and LED Tubes. The ongoing development of the company Factory LEDs allows the plant to expand the list of products in a timely manner to the market by introducing new products in demand.

Factory LEDs expansion is exponential and thus after the success of recent years have expanded our production lines. We offer quality services and high-quality products in the global market of LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor space. We have the confidence to be able to realize any design to an excellent product. We provide the best quality of products thanks to modern equipment and high-end hardware components. The range of our products includes Street Light, hazard location light, LED Office Light, High Bay LED and more.

On the basis of commercially available products under the trademark Factory LEDs designed and manufactured specialized fixtures to consider individual customer requirements. The company is constantly developing new products with a strong focus on the daily lives of the people. We can ensure high quality and customize the products to your requirements. If you have any question associated with our products or services, please contact us at

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