A significant part of Industry 4.0 is the promise of Predictive maintenance. The cost of equipment in production lines is a substantial investment for the companies, and the price of stopping the line can be very significant.

Maintenance done right prevents equipment malfunction and saves money. The idea of predictive maintenance is to be able to monitor and estimate the need for repairs based on the monitoring data and machine usage.

We will consider here several approaches to this technique and look into a few examples of real-world applications.

Predictive maintenance

The majority of maintenance these days happens in a preventative fashion…

Manufacturing has seen many improvements over the past couple of centuries, from steam power and electricity, assembly line to the adoption of computers. All of these boil down to the two main questions “How well is/are my plant(s) running?” and “Am I making money?”. We have in the 21st century entered the age of Industry 4.0, a natural evolution from the computer-controlled machines and system, to a connected self-controlling and self-optimizing production. Transition to Industry 4.0 allows for greater flexibility, opens new opportunities, and, most importantly, gives companies a competitive advantage.

Data collection and exchange are at the basis of…

Factory Online 365

IoT Products for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Founded by 2 industry veterans with over 20 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics products.

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