Designing for [Meaningful] Engagement

Measuring what really matters

time spent in app ≠ engagement

Let’s make this clear, meaningful engagement is not measured in time because session length is not an accurate way to measure meaningful engagement. Nor is session frequency. It can be thought of simply as units of occurrence.

meaningful interactions / interactions = meaningful engagement

So in order to increase your meaningful engagement you need to increase the ratio of meaningful interactions to all other interactions. If your engagement metrics revolve around anything else, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Decisions — choices made by the user that have a meaningful effect upon user interaction (immediate or future).

selfless over selfish

Every day people are constantly bombarded with distractions from products demanding attention in an effort to inflate their definition of engagement (time/frequency). Instead selfishly demanding meaningless engagement to pump metrics, we need to re-think the way we define engagement and strive to create selfless products driven by real metrics. If you really care about user experience, meaningful engagement is the only engagement that matters.

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