Byron Katie’s “The Work” as an example of freeware distribution

Byron Katie is a hugely successful motivational speaker (similar in many ways to Tony Robbins, but perhaps a little weirder) who has for close to 20 years been giving away a self-realization program known as “The Work.”

Her therapy appears to be a mixture of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Buddhist philosophy regarding the fleeting nature of reality and the negation of self. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, self-doubt and other existential crises work their way through a series exercises to try to satep back from the thoughts are live life as it is.

I believe that , like Kayla Isnine, Byron Katie first disseminated her awakening by way of a downloadable PDF and free lectures. The basic program is still available free of charge on her web site and as an app (basically free at $1.39), but she also has published a number of bestselling books that are for sale as physica’ and e-books on her site and elsewhere. But the pay-off for Katie is her in-person week-long workshops that were most recently priced at US$5,550 for first time attendees/ $4,950 for returning customers or a month-long stay at Turnaround House in California for $20,000. Karma only gets you so far, it seems, before you have to charge for it.

(The prices above are the high end of the scale, she travels to world on a speakers circuit where admission is in $75 to $500 plus accommodation)

I expect that the guided meditation content that I plan to develop to augment audience engagement for The Next One will be free as well. If demand justifies it, we might adapt the app/podcast material into a written form that might eventually find a commercial publishing deal.