As soon as someone utters the word “fashion” or the moment we come across the word inscribed over places, our mind automatically paints an image of a sun-kissed model with scarlet red lips and slender legs sporting shiny sunglasses. Well, here is a reality check! Fashion is nothing but a renowned style or practice that emerges to be popular among the masses. It evolves according to trend and any individual who wishes to revive themselves constantly with trend, will be in check with fashion. After all, we sort of have our own distinct style do we not?

A variety of aspects can be sorted under the roof titled fashion. To name a few, there are clothes, accessories, footwear and a whole lot of other stuffs. Clothes to be precise are more prominent. Over the years, we have witnessed a wide range of changes, the vintage dhotis and saris are worn to showcase our ethnicity now, but once upon a time they were the only fashion we exhibited. The same goes with fashion overseas.

“The cut of a gentleman’s coat and the length of his waistcoat, or the pattern to which a lady’s dress was cut”, all together have been put to gradual change.

Unisex clothing

Centuries have passed and we still stick to our choice of clothing irrespective of the time of their origin. But we have tagged fashion to their history and flaunt our choice of wear, in their latest trends. Speaking of trend, the idea of unisex clothing has transpired only recently dating back to the midst of the 20th century. There in peeps the incumbent aspect of comfort in clothing. This trend laid huge emphasis on experimenting with comfort and style of clothing, for men and women and spoke volumes on freedom in clothing.

Thereby, we now spot the much needed change on the streets, the one that was brought to settle the score on men and women’s view on clothing. We wear what we wear; fashion is a tag that adorns our choices for the betterment.

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