Getting started with JRuby

  1. Assuming you already have homebrew installed, then just run:
sudo brew install jruby
More Info:

2. For Eclipse we will need: Install Ruby (DLTK) 5.0 Kepler

More Info:

3. Test if jRuby it’s working properly from the command line:

jruby -S gem list
jruby -e “puts [1,2,3].minmax”

4. Then, configure jRuby as interpreter (/usr/local/bin/jruby) on Eclipse.

5. Finally, you can install dependencies from command line:

sudo jruby -S gem install [ANY_SUPPORTED_GEM]

6. Or, if you prefer (and by using a Gemfile) you can also use bundler:

sudo jruby -S gem install bundler
sudo jruby -S bundle install

Have fun! ☺

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