Into The Dark

The Journal of Detective Jon Stone.

Mrs. Gomez asked if we would like some tea. Naturally, I declined, knowing that she just wanted to delay the interview by whatever time she could.

I in the other hand, wanted to be done with it as quickly as possible. I am like that.

Charlie though, he accepted, and that gave her what she wanted.

She left the dinning, smiling and taking care to waste as much time as she could, asking about our lives outside work, within work, what being a detective was about, all those small talks. Charlie took the bait on every question.

When she was gone, I glared darkly at Charlie, who shrugged and winked at me.

“I was being polite, Jon. You should be too.”

I snorted.

At last, Mrs. Gomez arrived, and she held in both hands, a tray. On which a tea pot and two cups of tea sat. She walked towards us and dropped the tray on the table. She filled both cups with tea and sat back down on her chair, directly in front of us.

Charlie stretched out and took a cup of hot tea that steam billowed from, and sipped it gingerly.

Mrs. Gomez picked up her tea cup, and inhaled the steam. She closed her eyes, relaxed, and exhaled.

She opened her eyes and smiled at both of us.

“You know, I love the smell of tea alone. That’s all I need from tea, you know?”

Charlie would have continued the small talk, for his mouth was open in response, if I did not intrude.

“Mrs. Gomez, can you tell us what you saw during the murder of Harry Mark.”

Mrs. Gomez frowned hard at me, angry I had reminded her of the reason why she had guests. She dropped her tea cup, still glaring at me, then clasped her hands together in front of her, set them on the table and closed her eyes.

A minute later, she opened them, and I was shocked.

Her eyes were filled with fear, her face carried the expression I knew too well. It was begging me, begging me not to let her relieve what had happened.

Pleading that I shouldn’t force her to talk about it.

Wishing for me to leave.

For me to leave and never come back.

To leave her alone.

She didn’t want to talk about it!

She didn’t!

Jesus H. Christ.

What had she seen?

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