The adventures of Sypo.

A short story.

Hanarky roasted the bunny, turning it slowly above the flames. Sypo stared at it, wondering how he had come across the fat rabbit. Harnarky pinched a flesh of the roasted bunny, and threw it into his mouth, where he chewed it loudly. Sypo only stared. Wondering whether gods truly ate.

'It is done. The rabbit I mean.’ Harnarky said with a Savage grin. Sypo was shocked the god could make a grin without lips. Harnarky scooped up snow from behind and threw it into the fire, which put it out instantly.

'Ah it feels good to be mortal again.’

Sypo snorted. 'What you are is nothing but a body of rotting flesh and decayed bones.’

The god kept his grin. 'True. Oh how I missed the perks of the flesh! Taste food, feel a woman’s touch!’

'No woman would want to lay with a more than dead body Harnarky.’

The grin increased, reaching the tips of his ears. This god was a monster, an ugly thing to look at, one would rather die than to stare at it for a second. 'True again!’

Sypo spat on the snow. He was about to say something when he heard footsteps. He froze. The owner of the footsteps was trying hard to conceal them, but the snow destroyed every effort, as it crunched as feet stepped on it.

Sypo rose to his feet and drew his long curved blade from his side, and wielded it in both hands. He was about to warn the god to get to his feet, that someone was approaching, when a bullet passed through the god’s head, making him slump unto the snow. The moon’s light had been dim all night, but now it shone brightly. He saw a man behind Harnarky, a man with a gun pointed straight at Sypo. The man’s hair was white as snow, his eyes pale blue and his skin pale as well. He was alone. The man grinned and revealed white teeth.

'Sypo. So you’re still alive.’


The man chuckled. 'You are a bastard Sypo, know that?’

Sypo took a step forward, but the man stopped him with a shot inches away from his feet. Sypo cursed.

'You started this, and you still live.’ he shook his head and chuckled. 'You deserve to die, like all of us. And so you will. Today. Now.’

'I’M afraid not my good sir.’ Harnarky rose from the floor where Sypo thought him dead. Harnary turned to face the man, and the man gasped in shock. Harnarky snapped his fingers, and the man’s neck snapped, just like that. Harnarky laughed.

'Well, it seems I have a new host!’

At once, the god dropped to the floor, and the man’s body rose. Harnarky roared laughter in his new body, and grinned wildly. His once broken neck, healed.

'Now, tell me true! Would a woman not want to lie with this lovely body?!’

Sypo laughed at the god, and shook his head.

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