Refreshing Experience

Right im on my way to my home, after these long time finally i be able to angkoters again cz in the morning i had to accompany my mom again hehe

This afternoon was one of my deligthful moment in this month or this year. I had a conversation with Malaysia tourist whose travelling with angkot in Bandung.. in the beginning he talked someone behind me, and next he open conversation with me.. i worry for my english at first but after try to release all doubt im able to comunicate with him..

At first we used talk with melayu language. He with malay and i with Indonesian. But when i try to speak in english they feel more interested.. haha its the best time for me to test my english and my communication i guest..

Hes on travel with his wife, leaving their two teenage children in MY.. and he gladly-yet-embarrassing-his-wife said they wanna do honeymoon again haha such a open person he was.

He started to ask about me and field around me, like salary, what to do next etc.

He is a head department of firefighter in Serawak. I could see his quality though before he announce it. His personality is so open, speak clear, yet humble and humourish person..

Maybe its small thing for the other but for me its quite refreshing hehe

For me in the future, i hope you brave to open conversation ok.

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