War, Past, Present, and Later.

Recently watching the history of world war 2. Pretty sick and dope. I feel pity to all casualties cs theres no cencor on video ;(

.Which started at 1939 when Germany’s Fuhrer, Hitler strengthen their military and conduct a revenge for the lose that they receive at World War 1 and the concequency is bow to Versailes Treaties at 1919.

At the first, germany people had doubt for the Hitler leadership. They got huge thrauma since the last lost. Which had 2 million army cassuties in Germany.

But the clear vision and Strong Willed Hitler make lot people start to trust him.

To make simple i try to tell what happend in World War 2 (a half)

Germany — British — France — Soviet had a treaties to let German Own Cekoslovakia (let him do aggresion) but only once. No more aggresion after that.

Germany start to attack Ceko.

Germany declare a war to Poland. German Win.

France and British angry to German. But do nothing.

German attack Norway and Sweden to take their Iron Mining. German Win.

France and British attack German at Iron Mining. France and British win.

German bait little army to Belgium.

France and British send huge army to Belgium.

German Sneaks by forest to infiltrate France. German Win.

Later on German will attack British. In 1940

Aside from win and lose. In my opinion, war is fulfilling one egos and bring catastrope to other side.

Seeing our mother, grand mother, get hit, punch, or other torture is pretty sure sick and no words can describe that. Or seeing our chubby little children got bruishes all over the body is something that we cant tolerate.

Allhamdulillah , i live in peaceful country Indonesia, which no war or huge displeased thing here.

But if i think more. The massacre is happening in far east. Further more Or is it really peaceful when i wake up after dead? And the one who had massacre in middle east right now who will have eternal peaceful? Wallahualam.

Make me some one who could feel this feeling ya Allah.. so i could help them and get your Ridho..