Living with pets is like having a child. You have to treat them like your own family. If you simply cannot, whether it is financially or mentally, take care of them, should you not. This cat, is named Blackina, or we often call her Kina. Me and my girlfriend found her following a stray cat at our faculty canteen. She was skinny and her tail was fractured. We decided to take her home, considering not even the self-proclaimed cat lover (who are nothing but hypocrisy) would take her home and keep her safe, because, she is “just” a common house cat. She has been a good cat up until now.

This morning, she had a miscarriage, and I didn’t even realize because she is not an adult yet. It is something that hurts me so much.

There are many factors that may cause miscarriage to felines. From poor nutrition, virus, or simple just because of being too young to pregnant. She is just around 8 months old now, according to the veterinary, and that’s too young for a cat to carry a child within her womb. Still, the feeling of guilt and anxiety of not knowing that your cat had been pregnant and not able to help her through the whole process is slowly consuming me right now.

This all happened moments ago, and as I want to post about this (because not many really want to hear this story anyway), she crawled onto my lap, and hugged my hand and went to sleep. Should you never abandon your pet.