Or, “How not to build a web app”

You’ll know when you need them.”

A friend recently got glasses, and she was surprised. She didn’t know she needed them, but afterwards felt like the world was in HD.

I’ve lived a lot of my coding life like her. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

With this Wordpress+Vue theme I’m building out, I’m taking the time that I often don’t afford myself with client/work/on-deadline projects.

Reinventing the wheel isn’t fun, and neither is refactoring 3 times in 2 weeks after an early-optimization. Good thing too.

That “Single Source of Truth” tho..

Turns out the single-data-source idea…

Headless WordPress, or Head-ish WordPress?

I tried explaining a WordPress Theme’s code to a non-nerd (yeah, the girlfriend). Analogies I tried: A blended smoothie, minestrone soup, and a zombie. Zombies won. Here goes:

Wordpress has 2 parts: life & death blended together. It’s a zombie, kinda slow, and not very smart, not very clean. Chaos, really.

Lately, all the cool kids are separating life & death, as they should be. No more zombies: Just the Living (React/Angular/Vue) and Dead (Wordpress REST API data).

“Headless” is trending.

Headless WordPress is a lot of work. Tossing in the site navigation? Better recheck routing. Added a plugin? You might have to…

M. Wallace

(Front|Back|Web) × (Developer|Ops) @WierStewart

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