Clarity has two different directions depending on the quality of the reflection surface and that is related to multi reasons such as environment, moods, emotions, economics….

The first direction is going into the human senses and feelings relation with the receiver surface so the sender here will have an absent minded simulation with the receiver and the quality level of clarity here depends on the sincerity influx level between both the sender and the receiver of thoughts which have an absent minded simulation as well through the emotional feelings which will takeover the logical reality of thoughts. This is the emotional clarity of feelings that doesn’t have high quality level of clarity and the clarity here can be between average and low level.

The second direction neglects the human emotional senses and drive to the mutual interests section of thoughts which takes the current real circumstances as a reference and the simulation here is between the sender and the receiver through their mutual interests that is taking the real circumstances as a referee line faraway from the human emotional senses. This is the mental clarity of interests that have quality from average up to high level of clarity.

When the emotional clarity of feelings meets the mental clarity of interests we will have an exceptional quality of clarity that discard the negatives in each direction and match the emotional senses of simulation depends on the real logic of thoughts with the mutual interests depending on the emotional simulation of feelings. This situation has the best quality level of clarity which drive to an extraordinary unbelievable results based on the current real analyses of interests and emotions.

This short article have written based on my personal experience.

Fadi Skaff