Happy Birthday 70th Dad

Today is my dad 70th birthday, we look at the number and we cannot believe the time, it is running and taking us through life events as explorers sometimes making us happy and sometimes sad.

We grow up in a happy house full of love and respect to each other and people around us, helping each other and coloring the flag of our improvement with the eduction in all life sectors as I cannot forget what dad was telling us;

“ life is a big event, we have to know a little about everything and a lot about what we love and we do”

We are walking the life under Lords light and love believing that the good seeds always drives to a good results.

Thank you dad for the life we got and where we are today. Wish you a very happy Birthday and long happy life as you still young with everyone of us around you if we are present in the place or in other place where the life calls us and we will keep visiting you frequently in the place where we are shared everything together.

Hope that the coming years will be full of health, happiness and wealth for you and everybody around you.

My kisses and love.


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