The decision I took has changed the way

It was the decision I have took a while earlier, it changed in a very short period of time the life of yesterday we have been living till the decision I took so the life after is different in many concepts and ways than what it was yesterday. It regulates a new stamp for the way we will continue, it is passing through many obstacles but nothing is more difficult than the death in the life where there is no moves for concepts have been inherited since ages and they have been ruled for centuries.

I had the vision of the unknown like a light moves in a fully dark matter, I watched closely every move while planing a different moves to correct the current matter save it not to be eaten by the dark matter which was growing faster in a vision I had and saw clearly without any doubts.

They were surprising looking at my moves when I set the sails against the wind to stop that dark matter has been presented in a vision I had earlier. I had two types of the sails, one set it against the dangerous wind and another against them while they were enjoying the moves of the wind and tried to break my sails. It is the impossible difficult mission with two sails against all fly toward an unknown points to save the light matter showed in the vision a while earlier. But I refused and kept the sails fighting all the moves toward those points hidden behind the shadows of the dark hells which blocked them trying to close the way and move to what can never been touched after a while longer from setting the sails and moving forward. The sails were going weaker every mile forward but I reinforced them with fils from the past I know and tied them closely strongly in connecting some dots taking the shadow of the light in a huge silence won the dark silence from the plan to the way of connection.

I had difficult nights reinforcing the sails full of sorrow and pain then I had to create events to block the dark from connecting with the points I tied my fils to reinforce the sails and protecting them from the failure, each one was important as a hell to succeed the move, and wake up every morning resetting the plan and clearing the way. The second sail bore the hell as no any hell has been known can be compared to that hell. Misunderstanding, stupidity, jealousy, crazy, cracks, rotten dirty snakes, hungry cats, silly owls, lying foxes, mad dogs and all kinds of pirates were more than unimaginable hell but we were moving strongly.

Today is different and tomorrow will be much more and after tomorrow will be another face, all changed by the stamp for a decision I took a while earlier.

It was all about that decision I took earlier in a vision I had when the wind was moving toward the dark shadow closing around the light moves.

I thank all those points which were helping to tie the fils strongly closely to the points where the dots were possible to be connected in an amazing shadow we created more effective than the dark shadow, and wish all the best forward. The boat will continue and the stamp is done, no way back from tomorrow and all the roads are blocked from after tomorrow to the way of yesterday.

It doesn’t matter what other sets will be, the way is already stamped by a decision I took a while earlier.

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