Sticky Bubble — An Android Game

As seen on Android Devices

In this exceptionally challenging game, players must balance a ball on a bubble and dodge incoming obstacles. Keep going as long as possible and try to get the new high score.

The game is simple in design but strong in execution. The physics for the ball are fluid and natural, the color scheme is warm and instantly inviting with a lot of blues filling the screen. The player’s bubble is green, which is a perfect contrast to the blue backdrop. Everything about this game feels like its underwater, even the menu has a charming bubble aesthetic. Don’t let the game fool you, though, because it will take quite some time to master. This is a game people will really get lost in.

The way Sticky Bubble plays is quite simple. At the start of each round a ball is dropped on your bubble. The ball will roll from side to side as the bubble moves, and it will bounce off the wall when you hit the side of the screen. Players must react to these movements and do everything they can to stop the ball from dropping.

They must also avoid a series of obstacles. Every obstacle the player escapes adds a point to their total score. Dodge as many objects as possible to achieve high scores.

Check out the above trailer for how it actually plays and don’t forget to look at this article that Sticky Bubble was listed as being one the hardest games in 2017

Sticky Bubble is available on the Google Play Store for free. It requires 22 MB and Android 2.3 or higher to operate. As of today, there is no version of Sticky Bubble available for the Apple App Store.