This is an OPTIONAL release

This release has recent checkpoints and the correct checkpoint for the chain split that occurred at block 312987. It should help keep your nodes on the right chain. Packages have been updated to a more recent Qt as well. We no longer need different Mac OSX builds after this release. This release also has the new branding with the new logo and motto.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the green synch icon in the GUI wallet to show enabled after masternodes synch properly.

2. Fixed the issues with different builds for Mac OSX Mojave and below. Fixed the…

Last week we said goodbye to our 1.x branch of code. 1.7.5 served us really well. Rest in peace 1.x branch. We’ll miss you, but our maxnode operators sure won’t.

Blast from the past with an updated icon

We introduced the maxnode to the Lytix ecosystem last week successfully. We now have the base system in place and a major architecture change now completed. Although we reached a major milestone in releasing v2.0.0 we have a lot of work to go.

One of the goals of the project has always been to become a legally formed non-profit organization. Last week the Lytix Chain Foundation became a legal Texas…

Lytix Community, all very dapper, well dressed :)

A lot of crypto currency projects talk about how important their communities are and how they love their communities. Communities are the true value of any project. We feel very strongly about this and know full well that our wealth is not in the coin or the technology but in the power of our people that have supported this project early on.

Lytix is run by our community and make decisions together. The primary goals of the project was to create a product that we are all proud of and brings us all up together. Our platform was minable from…

Luke has put together some amazing work to investigate possible emission scenarios with Maxnodes. We will use these as a focal point to decide the best way to ensure we have a sufficient mix or stakers, masternodes and maxnodes for a healthy ecosystem.

Lytix Icon


Lytix is a 3 tiered network cryptocurrency system and at the heart of that is the MaxNode Data API server. Lytix has three important elements to the crypto ecosystem — the staker, the masternode and the maxnode. The staking and masternode systems are quite common in the cryptocurrency ecosystems and they operate in a similar manner in the Lytix ecosystem. Where Lytix is completely different than other solutions in the marketplace is the concept of MaxNodes.

MaxNodes operate as a gateway to the world of immutable decisions and storage of critical messages that must be preserved and unchanged for…

LytixChain Foundation

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