Opportunities don’t knock, they pass by.

Remember when we used to act like there’s no one home yet the salesman somehow knew and keep on knocking and banging the door? Whether you like it or not you need to get up and answer it -with two obvious output, whether you gonna buy it or not. But we all knew that a good persistent salesman with good product will somehow MAKE you buy it.

And now imagine that salesman is your mom/dad and the product is the opportunity itself. For me it is the highest level of “opportunities knocking on the door” because it consist of huge and intensive drive from the ones that knock — in this case your parents, you could answer no but they’ll make you say yes, most of time it seems like they’re forcing you.

We always afraid to take these chances mainly because we’re not sure about the outcome or what benefits we can reap from it. Only a good salesman can convince us to take it. Most of the time we needed some push.

Remember that summer camp that our parents force us to go during primary school where we cried saying no, but later enjoying it where we learnt a lot of stuff and met tons of new friends?

But opportunities doesn’t always knock that way -usually they just knock once. Your friends asking you to join some clubs or events, and when you said no they stop bugging you. Probably they just tag you on fb of some events or activities where you don’t bother at all.

Yes people said that opportunities doesn’t knock twice -but for most of the time they doesn’t even knock.

You’ve probably noticed it -invitation/recommendation to some events/competition somewhere along the timeline of your social media, or in a newspaper or even in your students email where you considered spams. For most of the time, it went unnoticed, your friends don’t talk about it and you don’t even care. But you knew about it.

I joined my first android app competition after I saw one of its pamphlet somewhere along a road. No one that I know knew about, none of friends talks about it but I feel like it is some kind opportunity so I grab it. At that time I don’t even know how to make Android app, and in one month I learn and create my first app and won third price of the app competition -bringing home one thousand, a nokia phone (whuttt) and LOTS and LOTS of confidence.

I started to pay attention to these opportunities that always pass by and with the confidence I had from before, I start going to startup events, meeting new people and eventually my first startup — SmartCare.

Pitching at World Islamic Economic Forum

God knows how much amazing things had happened when I started to take the chances that usually went unnoticed before. You’ll probably alone (as none of your friends knew about it or not interested) but I promise you great and amazing things will happen.

So pay close attention to these opportunities, because they don’t come often. When they do, take it -grab as much as possible.