Oh really? Tell that to ngrx/store. They seem to have missed the memo.
Eric Elliott

Maybe not just them, but the whole JS community usually misses the point for being guided by buzzwords. The only thing I can do is help pointing out the correct name of the concepts in hope that misunderstandings are clarified and people can easily search for what it is instead of reinventing everything all over again with a new name.

I also thought Redux was an architecture and asked the author, but he clarified it's not, see here for context.

I have plans in creating an article that explains the applicability of Event Sourcing for the web without a library like Redux, but it will be long. It will implement the same concepts using the original definitions to prevent ambiguity.

By the way, I didn't find any mention of "Redux architecture" by the maintainers of the ngrx/store repo, do they state it is an architecture or they just implement things using the Redux library as a hard dependency?

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