Khudi and Self-learning

“Although I lived very much in the present reality I had often visited a time beyond. When I mentioned an idea that struck me at such a time, my friends laughed. I would become defensive by saying that it was not in my control to choose where and when ideas come. Although my plans were small they seemed too big for my size. “

Edhi Sahib

I am really impressed by these lines from Edhi Sahib’s book as these lines reflect my life story to much extent. I’ve always been keen to explore myself, my strengths and my talent. One of the thing that I came to know about myself is that I have much traits of a ‘mediator’. Every time my mind is working and new ideas pop up in my mind. I always have innovative ideas of business startup and I want to spent my money from that business for education of the youth of my village who can’t get their education because of financial crisis. Although they have enormous talent and competitiveness. But due to my own financial conditions neither I thought of starting the business nor I could start for education of my people. But after reading this precious quote from Edhi’s book I learned that you don’t need a huge amount for a startup you just need to start from small level. ‘Small beginnings’ are stepping stone towards the big journeys. From small beginnings come great things. Similarly, I’ve learnt that to do big deeds, you need to believe in yourself.

Small beginnings

From here I remind the principles of learning ‘Amal (Action)’ and ‘Khudi (Knowing yourself)’. To start work you need to “Just Start” it. After you start it believe in yourself and try to learn from the mistakes and make it better and better. So, from now onward I have made plans to act upon the principles of learning, putting in the work and staying practical and start from small level keeping in mind the above example of Edhi Sahib. And I do believe that I will be successful in this big cause, my dream.