My List of RxJS People to Follow

I started getting seriously interested in RxJS by mid 2016, especially when I started developing FrintJS.

It was quite difficult for me to find my way into reactive programming. And I can imagine beginners may still feel the same way now. To keep myself updated and motivated, I started finding and following some people on Twitter who are very involved with RxJS and reactive programming in general.

This has worked for me very positively, and helped me understand the direction the RxJS community is taking, and be informed about new toolings and various other resources that keep popping up in the community.

It is very likely that I may have missed some really important names in the list below. If you think someone (including you) should be added, please leave a private note or contact me directly. And I will add you to the list. It can all be done privately :)

Here’s a list of people that I think you should follow (in no particular order):

Ben Lesh


Ben is in the RxJS core team, and has been actively leading the project since v5. He is continuously pushing the project and ecosystem further, and helping the overall JavaScript community understand the importance of Observables better.

He also runs training workshops on RxJS via RxWorkshop.

Matthew Podwysocki


Matthew is an author and core maintainer of RxJS. Lately, he has been also focusing on IxJS (Interactive Extensions). He is very good at discovering others doing cool stuff with RxJS and promoting their work on Twitter.

André Staltz


Andre is one of the most influential voices in the RxJS community and also a core contributor. He has been an excellent teacher, and his videos on has been a great source for everyone in the community to learn from.

He is the creator of Cycle.js and xstream, and lately he is focusing on his new decentralized gossip platform Scuttlebutt.

Misko Hevery


Misko is the father of AngularJS. That says enough :)

Tracy Lee


Tracy is one of the most energetic and positive personalities in the RxJS community. She is in the project’s core team and always doing her best spreading the project by being so heavily engaged with the community.

She is one of the co-founders of ThisDot, which happens to run RxWorkshop.

Jay Phelps


Jay is a self proclaimed reactive programming junkie and also core maintainer of RxJS. He is also very obsessed with WebAssembly.

He has been very active in spreading RxJS in the React.js and Redux community via redux-observable.

Brian Troncone


Brian is well known for creating It has been a great resource for developers who are just beginning with RxJS.

He is also an instructor at

Jafar Husain


Jafar wears many hats. He is a tech lead and is known for architecting FalcorJS at Netflix. He is also representing in TC39.

He has contributed a lot to the community teaching about functional and reactive programming.

Domenic Denicola


Domenic currently works in the Google Chrome team, and is a voice for all of us in the open web community.

He is also collaborating with Ben Lesh, Jafar Husain, Misko Hevery, and Rob Wormald to bring Observables for DOM events natively.

Cédric Soulas


Cedric is the creator of where he teaches about RxJS with beautiful animations.

Gerard Sans


Gerard is heavily involved with the community via various meetups and speaking in conferences about RxJS.

Paul Taylor


Paul is one of the authors of RxJS v5, and also has been involved with FalcorJS at Netflix.

John Lindquist


John is the founder of, and also one of the early instructors on RxJS. His style of educational screencasts has really caught on across the whole community, and has had a wider impact beyond just RxJS.

Shane Osbourne


Shane is the creator of, and has been very active in producing educational videos about React, Redux, TypeScript, and RxJS.

OJ Kwon


OJ has been very active over the last few years contributing to RxJS with code and maintenance. As you can see on GitHub, he is ranked second in the list of contributors.

Jeff Cross


Jeff is part of the Angular team, and is the founder of He is very passionate about developer tooling.

Rob Wormald


Rob is in the Angular team, and is also the founder of ngrx. He has been doing a great job creating tools helping developers adopt RxJS even further in Angular applications.

Mike Ryan


Mike Ryan is a core contributor to ngrx, and also speaks about developing reactive applications with RxJS publicly.

Brad Green


Brad is an engineering director at Google and have been managing Angular for quite some time.

The list is based on mostly my own personal experience of figuring things out in the RxJS community. And does not necessarily mean that it has to be right for you :)

The article is inspired by Dan Abramov’s “My React List”.



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