I have always approached life as a Boxing Match. I have people in my team, I have mentors, I have supporters. But when I step into that ring; it’s just ME! Me against my situation. Me against my hope. Me against my fears. There will be voices from outside the ring saying a lot to me. Some from my team, some from the supporters, some from the people who don’t really give a damn about me. I try to remain FOCUSED!

When life hits you with that quick jab, or she goes for the jugular, you will be the one with the PAIN. Everybody else will say what they think, but you know how you feel. You are the one who got punched! You are the one who is on the floor. You are the one who truly knows what you need to do.

Always remember the basic rules:

  • Don’t stay down for too long (you’ve only got 10 counts)
  • Your coach can only get to you after the bell rings to end a round
  • Don’t get closed-in (ELSE YOU WILL BE ANNIHILATED!)
  • Protect your FACE (I’m guessing you would still wanna look pretty)
  • Always remember where you’re heading, your opponent (situation) is just an obstacle you need to overcome.
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