Is it too late to learn AngularJS 1.x?

Are you one of those people who planned to learn AngularJS some time ago but can’t seem to squeeze time out of your busy routine? Or maybe you intend to start learning it this coming weekend, but such weekend never really came?

Well, let me tell you that learning basic AngularJS is not difficult at all! All you need is some basic JavaScript knowledge.

What should I learn first? Angular 1.x or Angular 2?

This is probably the first question that came to your mind when you planned to learn AngularJS. Well, let me straighten things out for you.

Angular2 is a complete rewrite of Angular 1.x since Angular 2 is made to tackle the changes that the modern web technologies and the changes that these technologies have adapted in the past few years!

If you compare Angular 1.x and Angular 2, the later comes on the top! So yeah, you should learn Angular2 since it’s faster, more robust and efficient.

But as a developer, the basic purpose of learning any technology is to solve problems that your clients put forth infront of you and their are a lot of systems currently working on Angular 1.x so skills needed to maintain those systems will still be required to do upgrades and maintenance. Hence, learning it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Simple answer to this question is, learn them both!


Before you move on learning Angular 1.x, it is recommended that you are already familiar with the following:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
See the links in the bottom to learn these prerequisite technologies.


AngularJS is an amazing platform that allows you to manage front-end processing flexibly, and it is very powerful, compatible with MVC development pattern that allows you to enable abstraction and powerful separation of concern in our front end code. It is a JavaScript framework and is mainly maintained by Google, so in conclusion it is a pretty good idea to start learning AngularJS if you haven’t already!

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