Show interest and people will be yours

Being interested is so far very interesting phenomenon. When I tried, amazing results appeared like they welcomed me as we have been talking from so many years. Everything was so much unexpected like when I messaged my school friend whom I haven’t talked from last 4–5 years and when our conversation started, it seemed like we ae still besties.

In fact I did an experiment few days ago.

In my university, I stooped one person and asked him for 3 minutes and started to tell him about myself and what I am. Where I am from and what I do how is my life passing. And his reactions were like boring, tiring and exhausting. I mean to say I’m not such boring person at least he must have shown some interest.

On the other side when I asked another person about himself and questioned him then some excitement was there. He was smiling and continuously going on.

I learnt that people are not interested in me but themselves. People like when someone is more into them. Same for the companies which also encourages the new member to show interest in them.