Current Date: April 19th, 2020
Current TSLA price: $753.89

Fundamental Analysis:
Tesla’s quarterly share price has been on a tear.

The US Treasury and the Airlines just reached an agreement on a massive stimulus package. Under the package, the airlines are going to receive a substantial amount of aid, which can only be used to pay its employees.

I am going to do a quick back of envelope calculation to see if I want to do deeper Due diligence in deciding if airlines are a buy?

Using United (stock symbol: UAL) as my example.

United is granted up to $4.56Billion in aid, plus an additional ~$1.5B, 10-year loan. …

Bu is a banker in his early 30s. He is successful, he is rich, he is poised. He wears a 3 piece suit, 42 long, perfect teeth. He has an MBA from an IVY league and the 2010s have been good to him, very good. Bu is virtually presenting to a group of investors in NY, one of which is Be. Be is an electrical engineer, dressed casually with a long hipster beard, mildly successful entrepreneur. It is 2pm and Be is already drinking. …

Fahad Jalal

Tech Founder and Investor — Risk Profile: High Risk, High Reward

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