Edhi- The saviour!

Abdul Sattar Edhi’s life is a combination of all the four priciples of Progress that includes initiation, self-learning, work-work & work and eck aur eck gyara.

Whenver young Edhi saw someone who was in trouble and needed help, he didn’t avoid the circumstances or diverted his attention, Instead, he instantly approached there and used to try his level best to normalize the situation or made the troubled a smile.

As a lad, Edhi was quick at self-learning. He formulated his own success theories as he believed that success was synonymous with effort. So, whenever a race was set, he was like an electric wire carrying the high potential voltage. For him it was like that race ends before it even begins. He used to think of future that how it will like and what will it offer him? Infact, solitude was a source of self-learning for young Edhi.

Now, these above-mentioned cases are an example and glorification of these in our lives will project us towrads motivation and new journey. Through bad experiences, if one does not know how to learn from the committed mistakes., then for sure he is at the verge of making a new blunder.

Self-learning is the principle that is most likeable as it enables the one to look at new horizons and defy the negativity surrounding outside. Self-learning comes through patience, being skeptic and agile observer. In life it is the only companion that made us move forward and look to the nascent ideas and comforts.

In my life, many a times i faced the un-avoidable situations that needed to be dealt. Life is a journey and most of it we make it by ourself. Self-learning is an ever continous process. The latest self-learning program initiated by me is registering myself for a new course.