Kick it!

Listening to the news have been my hobby for a long time. Other than politics and cricket, i have been keen of economy and latest devolpoments happening outside. Many a times, i listen that Stock Market has crushed or has faced loss of some points or somecountry somewhere is facing financial crises. Very first question that comes to mind is that what on Earth is Stock Market, shares of a company, interest or loan etc. Surface knowledge is insufficient to dig the things and understand the situation.That’s why learning the basic economy and finance is my key reason to join for an online course offered freely by Khan academy.

What is money? How has it been playing a vital role in our lives? what is kept in return of money? How country generates their currency and then bring them in international market for an equity? Knowing these and other mysteries is a lot of fun and comprehension of turmoil of our economy too.

Lack of initiation, bee-buzz routine, unsecure and interrupted internet connection were the reasons for not calling a shot.

Signing in via facebook or gmail and then browsing the related topic. Starting to learn and listen the new thing.Increasing the observation and making the mind skeptic are fundamental principles of learning any new thing. As it is long learning course, the learning duration is decently formulated and a time table is added to the diary ensuring the alive routine and thus, avoiding the lost of memory.

Less challenges are faced when one has identified the old obstacles and found their solutions. But, who knows what problems are present ahead! But a firm resolute and confidence of just initiation can volatile the lethal lethargicness.

Whenver something is to be done, write that on a page and list down or speak aloud why do you wanna do that? What are the pros and cons? What difficulties and hardships are there waiting for embracing you? And then just kick it. Drop by drop, it will establish itslef an ocean.

Next steps after just initiating the project are to remain foccussed and alert. Distractions have to be avoided, time table has to be strictly followed and self-learning should be done in order to excel forward. Losing the hope and giving up the race ends up with only repent and self-disappointment.

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