Manage and Maximize Career

I met my mentor M.Ehtisam of ATC company who have provided me during the internship and shared him with my views regarding the careeer. I asked him what are the things that are very important in order to excel in the field.

He told me to be patient, be consisitent, be energetic and a good team player.

He furthur added, being consistent is key to success. A man who works hard for shorter period of time or show his devotion for lesser period can not excel forward. Because every day, there is work in office. You can not free yourself from the work so persistency is required.

In a diverse enviroment, he added ,team work is essential. To understand people and their feelings is key to team work. He agreed with Kamal’s guidelines that passion should be top priority and should be followed.

The one interesting thing he talked about was importance of decision making. It plays an important role not only in job but also in our daily matters. A man should think twice before taking a adecision but once it is taken stand firm to it. Pros and cons should be taken into account before taking a decisions.

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