This blog is about showing kindness to someone. Today, I helped my mother when she was in the kitchen. She was cooking some food for me so when I helped her I felt very good. When I was in the University today, I gave treat to my teacher having some biscuits and cold drink. Another thing I did that was helping out beggar, he just sat on the road. I think he was truly a deserving person as he looked so hungry. We are raising the funds for Edhi Foundation, so it is another kindness we are doing. Yesterday, my friend needed some money and he came to me for this purpose. I helped him out without saying any word.

After experiences these things that we are not realizing in normal days, I felt so good for me. We are here to help those who needed us. When I did these things I got compliments from everyone. We should also be a part of our social activities. Someone says, ‘’God helps those who help themselves.’’

The purpose of telling these kindnesses is not to do showing myself rather these types of things can also be applied in your professional life in certain ways. When we are working in a team, we are just like friends. And friends need your kindness. You can help other team member in case he needs you. Sometimes a work is difficult for someone and that work can easily be performed by you, so in this case you can help out your team member. In case when your colleague needs some money in emergency you can assist him, it will be a courtesy for him. Our colleagues are just like our friends, so it’s our responsibilities to work with them like a friend. I will try to be a helping personality not only in my personal life but also in my professional life.