Single Most Important Thing Learnt at Amal Academy
This blog is about learning experience at Amal Academy. As far as my learning is concerned I learnt many things in Amal Academy and found myself as a productive person. Before joining Amal Academy I was nothing and I don’t know about myself as much, but after joining Amal Academy I found myself in a proper way.
The single most important thing I learnt there is improving confidence while communicating to others in respect of interview. I could not be so confident if I didn’t go to the Amal Academy. I feel so proud to be a part of Amal Academy (ALHAMDULILLAH). Such type of things will be beneficial for me InShaAllah if I have to go for an interview. All Amal’s principles which are applied in interviews will be productive for me.
In future, I will follow all kinds of principles that we have learnt so far. I will also motivate others and give tips to others how to give interview, how to dress up, and all kind of things that we have learnt so far.