Astrological & Angelic Influences for the New Year

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My dear friend,

The full moon is known for its powerful effects on change, catharsis and the shedding of old skin. However this January 21, February 19, and March 21 we will experience a series of three extremely powerful super blood moons. A super blood moon is an extremely rare phenomena where the moon, earth and sun are perfectly aligned allowing us to experience a complete lunar eclipse. This together with the moon being extremely close to the earth can result in various energetic, magical and astrological effects occurring during such a ominous time.

Why is this important? Because if you know how the planets affect you during such periods, not only can you prepare better, but also take advantage of these powerful movements of energy to propel you forward. In the fast moving river of life, knowing the trajectory in advance, can help you avoid unnecessary suffering and rather open your path to the great riches awaiting you. …

Fahad Ullah Khan

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