To The People Of My Nation
Faheem Iqbal
O ye,
the forlorn people 
of my nation!
Disheartened be not.
The time has come, for,
To unite, stand and fight.

Bow down not,
before the oppressor,
Bow down not,
before the murderer,
the occupier and torturer.

Know your might,
for it has the power,
to choke his existence!
Stand against injustice,
and show him your power.

O ye, 
the dejected people
of my nation,
Feel the power of your faith
the power of your belief.

Fear not, 
as the Lord, the Almighty
has extended help to you!

Keep fighting for truth,
Until the occupation ends.
Never give up,
And remember
A single breath of freedom,
Is countless times better
than the eternal life of slavery!!