New York City Skyline


I am a native of the city of Racine, Wisconsin where I lived for the first 18 years of my life. After high school, I did a semester in South Carolina before coming back to school in the neighboring city of Kenosha, Wisconsin to study in college. Once graduation was over, I decided to move to New York City for graduate school. The school I attended was New York Institute of Technology where I received my MBA in the year 2014. It was around the year 2013/2014 when I told myself I would dedicate 10 years to breaking into screenwriting/filmmaking, writing novels, then it became photography and podcasting as of recently added to the list. What does this have to do with living abroad in America, a lot.


The photo to the left is of the city I come from in Wisconsin. A small manufacturing town you probably never heard of before I introduced it to you. And now living in New York City is like being in a whole other part of the world. Yes, NYC is a major city in America, but sometimes just watching the human interactions, it’s like being in another country. Hearing the languages of different parts of the world makes me feel like the foreigner speaking English. Now, everything is always good about living in a major city like New York. You have a level of etiquette in my Midwest town that you don’t have here. And a lot of the lack of connection is because there are too many people living in New York to have a connection.


Trump at rally in Wisconsin

The political views have been known to sway back and forth in Wisconsin. As seen with the win of Democrat Barack Obama back in the year 2008 and 2012. But Donald J. Trump took the election last November of 2016. Interestingly enough, we are known as a swing state. Meanwhile, the state of New York is a more liberal state. The way we look at guns also in Wisconsin makes me seem foreign living in New York City where having a firearm a is highly illegal. And the people that own them have to jump through so many hoops it’s not even worth owning a gun.


Wisconsin hunting season

And don’t get me started on the social aspects of the Midwest versus the East Coast. Living in New York City, you don’t find people discussing among themselves deer hunting season. A period around mid September to early November where people hunt game and keep the meat for the winter season. It seems archaic if you live in NYC, but it’s a social and cultural aspect our Wisconsin. People also have the love for sports in Wisconsin that is like no other place.

People love the Green Bay packers in Wisconsin, even more than the city of NYC love the Giants and the Yankees. Mainly because the city of New York is bigger than sports. But in Green Bay, the city nearly shuts down when the Packers are playing on television. And don’t get started on the sports in college. The Wisconsin Badger football and basketball teams are like superstars walking around the state themselves. But in NYU, Columbia, and Syracuse, people could care less about the collegiate athletes that walk around the state of New York.


But you know, as much as I like back home, I still love living in New York City. The culture, the social, the food, the different groups of people; it forces to deal with everybody. And that is the face of reality. You have to learn to deal with everybody if you want to survive. But on top of that, the opportunities are more vast in NYC than back home for me. So, Wisconsin will always be home, but I prefer to live abroad in America.

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