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Benjamin P. Hardy

My views on this article are as follows:

  1. At working on yourself, I know that since I started writing about 6.5 years ago, I have made a quantum leap from where I started. When I first started writing, it was for my first screenplay. Now, I have two blogs, two short films under my belt, and I have written nearly ten feature scripts. All in the hopes of securing an agent in the year 2018. So a lot of my writing has been attributed to my views shifting on how I see the world fit.
  2. In regards to putting myself in situations, vulnerability creeps me out, but I love the unknown. Embarking on a journey of being a successful filmmaker, writer, and photographer is scary, but I love being scared. Fear is what keeps me alive and gives me a sense of urgency.
  3. I am always trying to be different than the rest. Always trying to set my writing aside from others in how they write and tell stories. Even though so many stories have been told already, bringing your own spin to it is new.
  4. I love and dread the process at the same time. Sometimes it makes me go for hours, and other times I have to stop working and walk around the city. Living in New York City is such an aspiring place to live. The energy and inspiration I pull from the city makes me want to write more and more.
  5. And always staying true to who you are keeps you grinding and never getting complacent. But you also don’t lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing. For me, as a writer, fame is not the same as it is for an actor or actress. So when they become famous it’s easy to lose their way because their faces are out there. But even the most famous writers are able to stay grounded because is different when you’re not a famous face.
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