Men All Over the Globe Still Love ‘Good Will Hunting’
John McDermott

The reason it’s such a great movie is because so many people go through life and fall short of their true potential. Whether it’s through someone close not pushing them or their own fears. You walk around society with all of this genuis in your mind, and nowhere to put it. It’s almost like you wish there was a 1–800 number you could call and say I have the answers to unlock the universe. But you can’t just call a number. And at times it makes you depressed how smart you are with no one knowing.

And like Will Hunting, we hope someone will stumble into our place of employment or a knock at our house door. In reality, none of the like happens, and we live almost in a trance hoping someone will save us so we can save society with our knowledge. Someone right at this moment has the cure for AIDS, Cancer, and many other diseases. But he or she is a garbage truck driver, construction worker, or janitor like Will. Now there is nothing wrong with those occupations, but with Will’s level of intellect, you are on this planet for a reason, you have a gift; share your gifts with the world.